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I have seen greatness and power, wealth, prosperity and incomparable development. I was never sad that we are a small and unfinished part of the world. To be small, unsettled and uncompleted is a good and courageous mission.

Karel Capek, Letters from England

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can i just point out that she once complained that karel never took any pictures of her



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Isn’t our admiration for machines, that is, for mechanical civilization, such that it suppresses our awareness of man’s truly creative abilities? We all believe in human progress; but we seem predisposed to imagine this progress in the form of gasoline engines, electricity, and other technical contrivances….We have made machines, not people, our standard for the human order….There is no conflict between man and machine….But it’s another matter entirely when we ask ourselves whether the organization and perfection of human beings is proceeding as surely as the organization and perfection of machines….If we wish to talk about progress, let’s not rave about the number of cars or telephones but point instead to the value that we and our civilization attach to human life.

From the article “Rule by Machines”, as quoted in “War With The Newts”, Karel Čapek, 1937